The Most Affordable Way to Sell Your Property in the UAE!

How Does it Work?

SmartCrowd is not a broker. We are an investment tool helping thousands of people get access to investing in Real Estate without the need of massive amounts of Capital. We do this by spliting properties into shares and selling these shares to our investor base. This allows you to sell your property in 4 simple steps.

Fill a Form

Fill in a simple form providing some details about you and your property

Get a Free Valuation

Our property analyst goes through your submission and prepares a valuation based on 100 different points. The report is then yours to use!

We List Your Property

After screening is done, we list and promote your property to our investors. At this point you just need to sit back and wait.


When the property gets fully funded, we will inform you and begin the paperwork to transfer it over.

Why Sell With SmartCrowd?

What does SmartCrowd do?

SmartCrowd makes real estate investing accessible and affordable for individuals and families. Our real estate investment platform (REIP) enables people to directly invest in attractive investment properties at a fraction of total prices using a crowdfunding model.

We Do All The Work!

All you have to do is complete our simple online form, provide the requested documents and we’ll do the rest. Save time and energy by selling your property from wherever you are.  By the end of the process, even if we don’t end up listing your property, you will be armed with a valuation report to use in later negotiations… All FREE of charge!


Secure and Transparent

You will be able to monitor and keep tabs on every step of the sales process in real time. Need to know how many people invested so far, how much? Its all just a click away.

Free to list for a Limited Time!